Hope Quotes

Access to books and the encouragement of the habit of reading: these two things are the first and most necessary steps in education and librarians, teachers and parents all over the country know it. It is our children's right and it is also our best hope and their best hope for the future.
– Michael Morpurgo
A propensity to hope and joy is real riches one to fear and sorrow real poverty.
– David Hume
A mission is a place where you ask nonbelievers to come and find faith and hope and feel love.
– Robert H. Schuller
A guy as great as Brett Favre has been for the length of time he's been, you would hope that he would be able to leave the game with a positive flavor in his mouth.
– John Elway
A great tennis career is something that a 15-year-old normally doesn't have. I hope my example helps other teens believe they can accomplish things they never thought possible.
– Maria Sharapova
You can’t always please everybody, but you can do what makes you happy and just hope that those around you will be happy for you.
– Robert Tew
Hardly anything works out as well as we hope.
– James Cook