Money Quotes

A devastating commentary on the war in Iraq is that we have been unable to spend money on infrastructure.
– Charles Schumer
A country like Belgium, or socialist countries in central Europe spend more money on art education than the United States, which is a really puzzling thought.
– Mikhail Baryshnikov
A company can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on firewalls, intrusion detection systems and encryption and other security technologies, but if an attacker can call one trusted person within the company, and that person complies, and if the attacker gets in, then all that money spent on technology is essentially wasted.
– Kevin Mitnick
'Untitled' is a time machine that can transport you to 1992, an edgy moment when the art world was crumbling, money was scarce, and artists like Tiravanija were in the nascent stages of combining Happenings, performance art, John Cage, Joseph Beuys, and the do-it-yourself ethos of punk. Meanwhile, a new art world was coming into being.
– Jerry Saltz
'The Food Network' was just starting in New York, and I was getting lots of attention from Mesa Grill. They had no money, so if you couldn't get there by subway, you couldn't be on. It wasn't like TV was something I really wanted to do - but I knew it would be great publicity for my restaurants.
– Bobby Flay
Money can't buy friends, but it can get you a better class of enemy.
– Spike Milligan
Money could never have originated as paper.
– James Cook
Left-wing social policies sicken our behavior and corrupt our culture. People bend principles and sacrifice integrity to get as much as they can from the government. Giveaway programs encourage every imaginable sort of cheating and dishonesty. Wheeling and dealing in food stamps is a way of life. Lying and fraud are commonplace. Whenever you're dependent on the money, the end justifies the means.
– James Cook
To enslave a people, give them money they didn't earn.
– James Cook
Perhaps the greatest difference among people is between those who never have to worry about money and those who do.
– James Cook
Money without wisdom diminishes the pleasure and enjoyment of wealth.
– James Cook
Taking money from job creating entrepreneurs and giving it to ever-failing government programs has to be the ultimate in economic illiteracy.
– James Cook