Relationship Quotes

And so I look at it as a relationship that I have with him that I want to give him the honor and glory anytime I have the opportunity. And then right after I give him the honor and glory, I always try to give my teammates the honor and glory. And that's how it works because Christ comes first in my life, and then my family, and then my teammates.
– Tim Tebow
America won the Cold War by protecting our strategic resources from the threat of foreign control. We must bring the same attitude to our trade relationship with China.
– Jo Ann Emerson
A relationship requires a lot of work and commitment.
– Greta Scacchi
A lot of what I'm obsessed with is the relationship and the dynamics between people and the family, particularly brothers and their father.
– Martin Scorsese
A lot of times, women don't get the male perspective in regards to a relationship, what men go through when they're not really dealing well.
– Morris Chestnut
A lot of people seem to want to make the institution of marriage substitute for a real relationship.
– Susan Faludi
If your partner isn't bringing out the best in you, you're in the wrong relationship.
– Robert Tew