Government Quotes

Taxes are like abortion, and not just because both are grotesque procedures supported by Democrats. You're for them or against them. Taxes go up or down; government raises taxes or lowers them. But Democrats will not let the words abortion or tax hikes pass their lips.
– Ann Coulter
Government in the U.S. today is a senior partner in every business in the country.
– Norman Cousins
There is a higher law than the law of government. That's the law of conscience.
– Stokely Carmichael
Convinced as I am and as I am from my government that the world needs a new moral architecture over all I believe that this should be the first topic to debate in our world of today, ethics, moral.
– Hugo Chavez
Look at our Lords disciples. One denied Him; one doubted Him; one betrayed Him. If our Lord couldn't have perfection, how are you going to have it in city government?
– Richard J. Daley
Among the weeds choking out growth and good government are the hundreds of boards, commissions, and advisory committees that have sprouted over the years. They devour time, money, and energy far beyond any real contribution they make.
– Mitch Daniels
Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.
– Denis Diderot
Morals are in all countries the result of legislation and government; they are not African or Asian or European: they are good or bad.
– Denis Diderot
The Constitution is not neutral. It was designed to take the government off the backs of people.
– William O. Douglas
Bureaucracy gives birth to itself and then expects maternity benefits.
– Dale Dauten
The government deficit is the difference between the amount of money the government spends and the amount it has the nerve to collect.
– Sam Ewing
A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.
– Gerald R. Ford
Truth is the glue that holds government together. Compromise is the oil that makes governments go.
– Gerald R. Ford
No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free, no one ever will. Chance is the pseudonym of God when he did not want to sign.
– Anatole France
Laws too gentle are seldom obeyed; too severe, seldom executed.
– Benjamin Franklin
There is no kind of dishonesty into which otherwise good people more easily and frequently fall than that of defrauding the government.
– Benjamin Franklin
Governments never learn. Only people learn.
– Milton Friedman
Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A much more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government.
– Milton Friedman
The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem.
– Milton Friedman
The most important ways in which I think the Internet will affect the big issue is that it will make it more difficult for government to collect taxes.
– Milton Friedman