Bo Jackson Quote

Growing up I had a horrible speech impediment. I stuttered to where I couldn't even talk in class. I couldn't even give one-word answers because I would stutter, which in turn made me mad. I fought a lot and I stayed in trouble a lot. I never had someone come in and say, 'We want to have you see a speech therapist to help you'. I was too poor. People that live on the borderline of poverty do not get charity because it does not go that far down the line. I wish I had someone to help me, but it never happened. I did it myself. I still get stuck on a word sometimes, but I don't let it bother me. When I go home, people say, 'Man, it would take you 10 minutes to say a sentence when you were young, and now you're traveling around the country, speaking to corporations and thousands of people. How...did you do it?'
– Bo Jackson