Happiness Quotes

Man falls from the pursuit of the ideal of plan living and high thinking the moment he wants to multiply his daily wants. Man's happiness really lies in contentment.
– Mahatma Gandhi
I understand by this passion the union of desire, friendship, and tenderness, which is inflamed by a single female, which prefers her to the rest of her sex, and which seeks her possession as the supreme or the sole happiness of our being.
– Edward Gibbon
Nothing prevents happiness like the memory of happiness.
– Andre Gide
What would there be in a story of happiness? Only what prepares it, only what destroys it can be told.
– Andre Gide
Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won't have to hunt for happiness.
– William E. Gladstone
A really great talent finds its happiness in execution.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Happiness is a ball after which we run wherever it rolls, and we push it with our feet when it stops.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.
– Maxim Gorky
Happiness is realizing that nothing is too important.
– Antonio Gala
The secret to true happiness is a combination of low expectations and insensitivity.
– Olivia Goldsmith
All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.
– John Gunther
The happiness of every country depends upon the character of its people, rather than the form of its government.
– Thomas Chandler Haliburton
The principles we live by, in business and in social life, are the most important part of happiness.
– Harry Harrison
Happiness in this world, when it comes, comes incidentally. Make it the object of pursuit, and it leads us a wild-goose chase, and is never attained. Follow some other object, and very possibly we may find that we have caught happiness without dreaming of it.
– Nathaniel Hawthorne
The founders of a new colony, whatever Utopia of human virtue and happiness they might originally project, have invariably recognized it among their earliest practical necessities to allot a portion of the virgin soil as a cemetery, and another portion as the site of a prison.
– Nathaniel Hawthorne
Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.
– Ernest Hemingway
The only thing that could spoil a day was people. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.
– Ernest Hemingway
Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy.
– Heraclitus
It takes great wit and interest and energy to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is a great activity. One must be open and alive. It is the greatest feat man has to accomplish.
– Robert Herrick