Religion Quotes

Art and Religion are, then, two roads by which men escape from circumstance to ecstasy. Between aesthetic and religious rapture there is a family alliance. Art and Religion are means to similar states of mind.
– Clive Bell
When theology erodes and organization crumbles, when the institutional framework of religion begins to break up, the search for a direct experience which people can feel to be religious facilitates the rise of cults.
– Daniel Bell
Religion points to that area of human experience where in one way or another man comes upon mystery as a summons to pilgrimage.
– Frederick Buechner
I think we have to believe in things we don't see. That's really important for all of us, whether it's your religion or Santa Claus, or whatever. That's pretty much what it's about.
– James Caan
Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as facts, then you are in trouble.
– Joseph Campbell
I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is.
– Albert Camus
The three great elements of modern civilization, Gun powder, Printing, and the Protestant religion.
– Thomas Carlyle
The artist himself may not think he is religious, but if he is sincere his sincerity in itself is religion.
– Emily Carr
Religion is organized to satisfy and guide the soul - politics does the same thing for the body.
– Joyce Cary
I'm a believer. I don't go to church. I don't belong to any particular religion, but I do believe in God. I couldn't write what I write about and be creative without a certain form of belief.
– Nick Cave
More and more people care about religious tolerance as fewer and fewer care about religion.
– Alexander Chase
In matters of religion and matrimony I never give any advice; because I will not have anybody's torments in this world or the next laid to my charge.
– Lord Chesterfield
It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it.
– G. K. Chesterton
Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair.
– G. K. Chesterton
Some people are that - more than a parent, more than a role model, more than anything less than a religion.
– Margaret Cho
Just as the soul fills the body, so God fills the world. Just as the soul bears the body, so God endures the world. Just as the soul sees but is not seen, so God sees but is not seen. Just as the soul feeds the body, so God gives food to the world.
– Marcus Tullius Cicero
In the relationship between man and religion, the state is firmly committed to a position of neutrality.
– Tom C. Clark
I don't believe in God but I'm very interested in her.
– Arthur C. Clarke
The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion.
– Arthur C. Clarke
Bigotry murders religion to frighten fools with her ghost.
– Charles Caleb Colton