Change Quotes

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.
– Ellen Glasgow
The ultimate end of all revolutionary social change is to establish the sanctity of human life, the dignity of man, the right of every human being to liberty and well-being.
– Emma Goldman
Life has got a habit of not standing hitched. You got to ride it like you find it. You got to change with it. If a day goes by that don't change some of your old notions for new ones, that is just about like trying to milk a dead cow.
– Woody Guthrie
Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don't believe is right.
– Jane Goodall
Constitutions should consist only of general provisions; the reason is that they must necessarily be permanent, and that they cannot calculate for the possible change of things.
– Alexander Hamilton
My kid could get a bad X-ray and I could get a call from the doctor saying I have something growing in my bum and that would change my perspective on everything instantaneously, on what is and what is not important.
– Tom Hanks
I think the way to change it is to handle issues individually when it's essential to do so.
– Stephen Harper
Try to realize it's all within yourself no one else can make you change, and to see you're only very small and life flows on within you and without you.
– George Harrison
If we are to change our world view, images have to change. The artist now has a very important job to do. He's not a little peripheral figure entertaining rich people, he's really needed.
– Vaclav Havel
People change and forget to tell each other.
– Lillian Hellman
In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first.
– Jimi Hendrix
Change alone is unchanging.
– Heraclitus
There is nothing permanent except change.
– Heraclitus
Television is like the invention of indoor plumbing. It didn't change people's habits. It just kept them inside the house.
– Alfred Hitchcock
Change occurs in direct proportion to dissatisfaction, but dissatisfaction never changes.
– Doug Horton
To change what you get you must change who you are.
– Vernon Howard
Each child is an adventure into a better life - an opportunity to change the old pattern and make it new.
– Hubert H. Humphrey
I wanna change the game in way where I'm not knocking nobody out of the way, not claiming to be the best at this or that, but just doing wonders with the gift I've been given.
– Anthony Hamilton
In true dialogue, both sides are willing to change.
– Thich Nhat Hanh
The more things change, the more they are the same.
– Alphonse Karr
Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.
– Nikos Kazantzakis
Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies.
– Robert Francis Kennedy
Unlike Washington, which is stuck in ideological gridlock, Americans feel the impact of climate change in their own hometowns and they know something must be done.
– John F. Kerry
The democracy process provides for political and social change without violence.
– Aung San Suu Kyi
Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not change with the calendar.
– David Herbert Lawrence
It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.
– C. S. Lewis
I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.
– Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
Only in growth, reform, and change, paradoxically enough, is true security to be found.
– Anne Morrow Lindbergh
One expected growth, change; without it, the world was less, the well of inspiration dried up, the muses fled.
– Charles de Lint
As life runs on, the road grows strange with faces new - and near the end. The milestones into headstones change, Neath every one a friend.
– James Russell Lowell
The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinions.
– James Russell Lowell
Human memory is a marvelous but fallacious instrument. The memories which lie within us are not carved in stone; not only do they tend to become erased as the years go by, but often they change, or even increase by incorporating extraneous features.
– Primo Levi
One change always leaves the way open for the establishment of others.
– Niccolo Machiavelli
The self-image is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior.
– Maxwell Maltz
To change a habit, make a conscious decision, then act out the new behavior.
– Maxwell Maltz
Could we change our attitude, we should not only see life differently, but life itself would come to be different.
– Katherine Mansfield
Everything in life that we really accept undergoes a change.
– Katherine Mansfield
Lord, where we are wrong, make us willing to change; where we are right, make us easy to live with.
– Peter Marshall
What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.
– Abraham Maslow
If you don't change your beliefs, your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?
– W. Somerset Maugham
Our fathers valued change for the sake of its results; we value it in the act.
– Alice Meynell
The capacity of the human organism to bear pain is, for our own protection, limited. All attempts to overstep this natural threshold by resolving repression in a violent manner will, as with every other form of violation, have negative and often dangerous consequences.
– Alice Miller
The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.
– Rupert Murdoch
Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn't blow in the wind or change with the weather. It is your inner image of yourself, and if you look in there and see a man who won't cheat, then you know he never will.
– John D. MacDonald
The world will change for the better when people decide they are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way the world is, and decide to change themselves.
– Sydney Madwed
There are many things we do not want about the world. Let us not just mourn them. Let us change them.
– Ferdinand E. Marcos
The world changes in direct proportion to the number of people willing to be honest about their lives.
– Armistead Maupin
You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.
– Mike Murdock
Today in America, we are trying to prepare students for a high tech world of constant change, but we are doing so by putting them through a school system designed in the early 20th Century that has not seen substantial change in 30 years.
– Janet Napolitano
Ignorance is always afraid of change.
– Jawaharlal Nehru
Any change is resisted because bureaucrats have a vested interest in the chaos in which they exist.
– Richard Milhous Nixon
What starts the process, really, are laughs and slights and snubs when you are a kid. If your anger is deep enough and strong enough, you learn that you can change those attitudes by excellence, personal gut performance.
– Richard Milhous Nixon
The only change is that baseball has turned Paige from a second class citizen to a second class immortal.
– Satchel Paige
Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change.
– Tom Peters
I want to be able to look back and say, 'I've done everything I can, and I was successful.' I don't want to look back and say I should have done this or that. I'd like to change things for the younger generation of swimmers coming along.
– Michael Phelps
I want to test my maximum and see how much I can do. And I want to change the world of swimming.
– Michael Phelps
Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments.
– Plato
I'm a Gemini, so I change my mind every day.
– Natalie Portman
Anyone who thinks there's safety in numbers hasn't looked at the stock market pages.
– Irene Peter
Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed.
– Irene Peter
I have a resistance to change in things that I feel comfortable with and that I'm used to.
– Dennis Quaid
We have to do more than just elect a new President if we truly want to change this country.
– Dan Quayle
Change brings opportunity.
– Nido Qubein
I read and walked for miles at night along the beach, writing bad blank verse and searching endlessly for someone wonderful who would step out of the darkness and change my life. It never crossed my mind that that person could be me.
– Anna Quindlen
Nothing is more dangerous to men than a sudden change of fortune.
– Marcus Fabius Quintilian
Being ready isn't enough; you have to be prepared for a promotion or any other significant change.
– Pat Riley
For changes to be of any true value, they've got to be lasting and consistent.
– Anthony Robbins
Taste may change, but inclination never.
– Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Character isn't something you were born with and can't change, like your fingerprints. It's something you weren't born with and must take responsibility for forming.
– Jim Rohn
You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.
– Jim Rohn
You can't move so fast that you try to change the mores faster than people can accept it. That doesn't mean you do nothing, but it means that you do the things that need to be done according to priority.
– Eleanor Roosevelt
No art can be noble which is incapable of expressing thought, and no art is capable of expressing thought which does not change.
– John Ruskin
We emphasize that we believe in change because we were born of it, we have lived by it, we prospered and grew great by it. So the status quo has never been our god, and we ask no one else to bow down before it.
– Carl T. Rowan
Always Do Your Best. Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.
– Don Miguel Ruiz
Let the great world spin for ever down the ringing grooves of change.
– Alfred Lord Tennyson
However mean your life is, meet it and live it: do not shun it and call it hard names. Cultivate poverty like a garden herb, like sage. Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends. Things do not change, we change. Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts.
– Henry David Thoreau
True life is lived when tiny changes occur.
– Leo Tolstoy
You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.
– Brian Tracy
I'm not going to change the world overnight. It's one person at a time, and hopefully they're people in positions of power who can help people get in those roles and really, truly embrace colorblind casting.
– Gabrielle Union
Sometimes we look for those thunderous things to happen in our life for our lives to change or go in the other direction. We seek the miracle. We seek the parting of the seas, the moving of the mountains. But no, it's a quiet thing. At least for me it was.
– Ben Vereen
Relentless, repetitive self talk is what changes our self-image.
– Denis Waitley
You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.
– Denis Waitley
Look at all the buses now that want exact change, exact change. I figure if I give them exact change, they should take me exactly where I want to go.
– George C. Wallace
Change, like sunshine, can be a friend or a foe, a blessing or a curse, a dawn or a dusk.
– William Arthur Ward
He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.
– Harold Wilson
If you want to make enemies, try to change something.
– Woodrow Wilson
For a change, lady luck seemed to be smiling on me. Then again, maybe the fickle wench was just lulling me into a false sense of security while she reached for a rock.
– Timothy Zahn
No change in musical style will survive unless it is accompanied by a change in clothing style. Rock is to dress up to.
– Frank Zappa
One of my favorite philosophical tenets is that people will agree with you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people's minds.
– Frank Zappa
It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.
– W. Edwards Deming
We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.
– Carl Gustav Jung
If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living.
– Gail Sheehy
The art of progress is to preserve order amid change, and to preserve change amid order. Life refuses to be embalmed alive. The more prolonged the halt in some unrelieved system of order, the greater the crash of the dead society.
– Alfred North Whitehead
The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.
– Maya Angelou
Turbulence is life force. It is opportunity. Let's love turbulence and use it for change.
– Ramsey Clark
What we call 'Progress' is the exchange of one nuisance for another nuisance.
– Havelock Ellis
When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet.
– Stanislaw J. Lec
Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world.
– Annie Lennox
Let us take things as we find them: let us not attempt to distort them into what they are not. We cannot make facts. All our wishing cannot change them. We must use them.
– John Henry Cardinal Newman
Your race and gender don't change, but you can choose to change your political affiliation at will.
– John Podhoretz