Strength Quotes

The strong man is the one who is able to intercept at will the communication between the senses and the mind.
– Napoleon Bonaparte
If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.
– Hal Borland
You had no right to be born; for you make no use of life. Instead of living for, in, and with yourself, as a reasonable being ought, you seek only to fasten your feebleness on some other person's strength.
– Charlotte Bronte
Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men! Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for power equal to your tasks.
– Phillip Brooks
I count life just a stuff to try the soul's strength on.
– Robert Browning
Difficulty, my brethren, is the nurse of greatness - a harsh nurse, who roughly rocks her foster - children into strength and athletic proportion.
– William C. Bryant
It may be that religion is dead, and if it is, we had better know it and set ourselves to try to discover other sources of moral strength before it is too late.
– Pearl S. Buck
The bitterest creature under heaven is the wife who discovers that her husband's bravery is only bravado, that his strength is only a uniform, that his power is but a gun in the hands of a fool.
– Pearl S. Buck
Power is so characteristically calm, that calmness in itself has the aspect of strength.
– Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.
– Leo Buscaglia
The wisest use of American strength is to advance freedom.
– George W. Bush
Evil is the moment when I lack the strength to be true to the Good that compels me.
– Alain Badiou
I believe in prayer. It's the best way we have to draw strength from heaven.
– Josephine Baker
The colour of the skin is in no way connected with strength of the mind or intellectual powers.
– Benjamin Banneker
Strength is a matter of the made-up mind.
– John Beecher
It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of loneliness of pain: of strength and freedom. The beauty of disappointment and never-satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature and everlasting beauty of monotony.
– Benjamin Britten
Solitude is strength; to depend on the presence of the crowd is weakness. The man who needs a mob to nerve him is much more alone than he imagines.
– Paul Brunton
Few men during their lifetime comes anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling within them. There are deep wells of strength that are never used.
– Richard E. Byrd
You really have to look inside yourself and find your own inner strength, and say, I'm proud of what I am and who I am, and I'm just going to be myself.
– Mariah Carey
There comes a pause, for human strength will not endure to dance without cessation; and everyone must reach the point at length of absolute prostration.
– Lewis Carroll