Quotes about: character

Actually, I get a little say in what my character would or wouldn't do.
– Steve Burton
Someone called my character the Meg Ryan of the Broken Hearts bunch. Now maybe the perception is that I'm a Meg Ryan type.
– Dean Cain
Getting the audience to cry for the Terminator at the end of T2, for me that was the whole purpose of making that film. If you can get the audience to feel emotion for a character that in the previous film you despised utterly and were terrified by, then that's a cinematic arc.
– James Cameron
I have glimpsed what is so great about our state. I have witnessed the character, compassion and resilience of our people's soul.
– Donald L. Carcieri
I'll spare you the actors' pretentious rubbish, but a face reflects experience, so if you concentrate on a character something happens to you physically. Many actors look at the costume before the part, and that seems crazy to me. It's much more fun to be ugly. Not that I think I'm ugly, but I've never considered myself good-looking.
– Robert Carlyle
I'm in four different films this year, and I have four different accents. I sound different in every film. You have to love a character to play it well, and change in my work is what I want.
– Robert Carlyle
The darker the character, the more interesting.
– Robert Carlyle
While Richard was listening to music in the basement, I was out playing baseball and football, and playing with my machine gun! I was very tomboyish, quite a character, I hear!
– Karen Carpenter
God is a character, a real and consistent being, or He is nothing. If God did a miracle He would deny His own nature and the universe would simply blow up, vanish, become nothing.
– Joyce Cary
To note an artist's limitations is but to define his talent. A reporter can write equally well about everything that is presented to his view, but a creative writer can do his best only with what lies within the range and character of his deepest sympathies.
– Willa Cather
[Imagination] helps me to become part of that journey that I'm going through in font of the camera, or in front of an audience. I used to think you had to disappear within a character, but I find that puts a mask on what I do.
– Kim Cattrall
People assume that for me to play a sexually open character like Samantha, I must have had fabulous sex for most of my life.
– Kim Cattrall
The most difficult character in comedy is that of the fool, and he must be no simpleton that plays that part.
– Miguel de Cervantes
Life at university, with its intellectual and inconclusive discussions at a postgraduate level is on the whole a bad training for the real world. Only men of very strong character surmount this handicap.
– Paul Chambers
Sometimes apparent resemblance of character will bring two men together and for a certain time unite them. But their mistake gradually becomes evident, and they are astonished to find themselves not only far apart, but even repelled, in some sort, at all their points of contact.
– Sebastien-Roch Nicolas de Chamfort
Every human being is intended to have a character of his own; to be what no others are, and to do what no other can do.
– William Ellery Channing
I had no idea of the character. But the moment I was dressed, the clothes and the make-up made me feel the person he was. I began to know him, and by the time I walked onto the stage he was fully born.
– Charlie Chaplin
Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words. They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of the character, though few can decypher even fragments of their meaning.
– Lydia M. Child
Nothing goes further toward a man's liberation than the act of surviving his need for character.
– John Ciardi
A man's own manner and character is what most becomes him.
– Marcus Tullius Cicero